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That shocking Mr Dylan gets violent

September 1, 2012

Whenever you think that Bob Dylan is washed up and past it, he comes up with something new and blows you away. This time it is a video to go with one of  his new songs – Duquesne Whistle. Quite shocking in some ways. What starts as rom com that is a bit  Gene Kelly  meets Jennifer Anniston morphs into a violence that would not be out of place on Sons of Anarchy or The Sopranos.

What I can’t work out is whether the video, which is amusing as well as violent, is Dylan just fooling around to amuse or whether he is trying to say something about the way modern America is. (The song incidently, is classic America, very listenable, and not really much to do with the video). What do you think:


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One Comment
  1. Seb permalink

    Is it meant to show how brutal Reality crushes our Romantic dreams? Or a reminder that the rom-com conventions (Uptown girl versus Downtown boy suitor, romantic persistence) are really quite creepy and stalker-like behaviour in real life.

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