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A contemplation of Cohenites?

June 2, 2015

imgresFans of Leonard Cohen have been having some fun on Facebook – trying to come up with a collective name for themselves.

The burst of fandom for the 80-year old performer of “Suzanne”, “Sisters of Mercy” and “Bird on the Wire” followed a posting noting that Joni Mitchell, also celebrated Canadian muse, once called herself a “stone Cohenite”.

Now Cohen’s official page is asking what a collective noun for such people should be – as in, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese and so on.

Early suggestions made included: a leonard (mine), a contemplation, a melancholy, a Cohenista and a fedora.

Others later suggested a sigh, referencing Cohen’s wry view on life, a Coherence and a suit – the latter because of the performer’s dapper onstage presence.

Not surprisingly, a Halleluiah is also on the list, in homage to his most famous song, estimated to have been sung by almost 200 artists and been the subject of at least one documentary and a book.

Cohen released a new album “Can’t Forget” in May, the 25th listed on his website, which also lists 12 books. much of them  poetry.

Although best known for his songs, Cohen has also won a number of literary prizes, including a Princess of Asturias Award along with the likes of Guenter Grass, Doris Lessing and Philip Roth.


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